The Ideal Beach Trip

With the warm weather consistently upon us, we are all excitedly waiting for our chance to hit the beach. But going to the beach can be quite a hassle, especially for those who don't live super close. Being prepared is important to maximize the amount of fun have on your trip, but there is more than one way to be prepared. Not necessarily just remembering to pack everything you might need, but how do you plan to deal with the beach environment? To keep your car as clean as possible? To speed up the healing process from that awful sunburn you just know you're going to get? There are plenty of ways to feel more prepared then ever.


Be Sand Free

An easy way to leave the sand at the beach, and off of everything you own, is to look into getting a mesh bag. When the sand is dry, you can simply shake the bag and sand will make a timely exit. Too many toys to fit in a single bag? For your more heavy duty items, or items that may have wet sand on them still, you can bring a plastic laundry basket with holes in it instead of the bag. The only difference here is instead of shaking the basket, you walk it into the water and let the ocean wash the sand off for you. This will get the sand off of the toys and keep it out of the car.


Bobbing for Keys

We want to make sure our keys don't go missing while out on a trip, whether they get misplaced or purposely buried in the sand. For some people security means having them never leave you, but what if you want to go swimming too? Key do not float and you might not want to spend your entire trip searching the ocean floor for your keys. To avoid this, put a cork, or some type of floating element, on your keys so if they do happen to fall out you'll be able to catch them bobbing on the surface. For those who don't want to risk the keys plus ocean problem, hide your valuables in a diaper (for those traveling with kids). The diaper will look full and unappealing to the touch. For those without kids, put them in a bag and bury them under your blanket or towel. Leave some kind of marker, so if your things happen to shift slightly you'll still be able to locate them.


Lunch Crunch

The last thing you want is for everyone's lunch to be ruined because of a dropped cooler or a misguided sand kick. Pack every lunch separately in lots of small containers. Then even if one sandwich gets dropped, you have another clean one ready without hesitation.


Yoga on the Beach

No, you don't actually have to do yoga on the beach, but bringing a yoga mat instead of a towel to lay on will increase comfort due to the extra cushion it provides. Yoga mats are also waterproof and will help you dry off a little quicker. Plus, if you bring a fitted sheet, turn it upside down, and use your heavier/bigger items to hold up the corners (cooler, basket, bag of clothes, large radio, chair, etc.) you will avoid the sand that lifts up in the breeze and have a sand free area for eating without having to purchase a foldable table.


Sunscreen Savior

Keep your sunscreen cold, so as you continue to apply it throughout the day it will help cool down your skin temperature at the same time. What happens if you didn't reapply and you've already gotten burned? Put half apple cider vinegar and half water in a spray bottle. Putting that on your skin right after the burn as well as for the next couple of days will help calm the inflammation and relieve some of the itch. You can put raw honey on your skin and then cover it with gauze for a little while as honey is a natural antiseptic. You could put some cold black tea on your skin, which will take away some of the stinging sensation. Or even putting a baby wipe on your skin for a couple of minutes will temporarily cool your burn.

The beach is all fun and games, but you want to make sure that you're ready for what may happen. Try out some of these tips and tricks for a smooth ride home!

-The Taconnet Team