Be Inspired

It is not uncommon that sometimes you can find yourself in a slump. Is your favorite season ending? Is your favorite sports team performing badly? Do you feel stuck in a routine? Maybe you find yourself to be busy every day of the week without getting a break. We've all had these times, but we don't want to forget to find enjoyment in all that we do. Find that light at the end of the tunnel. We don't want anyone to think that there is anything wrong with being busy, but within that busy schedule of yours are you feeling inspired? Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feeling something, especially to do something creative. When was the last time we slowed down to do something creative? The last time we activated the right side of our brain? We wanted to share with you some ways to make sure you arrive at inspiration station!

Write down EVERYTHING. From the good, the bad, and the ugly. When it's written down and not just bouncing around inside your head you'll find it's easier to go back and review all your thoughts. Through this type of organization you can also learn a little bit about your brain and how your complete thoughts are created. In those written thoughts you might even find where your ideas come from like things you've read or places you've been. If things seem to repeat that could be a sign that you need to go to new and different places to change up your thought patterns. 

Sometimes just talking to others is enough to inspire a new creative idea. Everyone has their own perspective on life and can help you see the world from a different view point. Family, friends, and strangers alike are all fully capable. Don't limit yourself one who you think you can ask. Gym buddies, people that you work for, people that work for you, someone at the new coffee shop you discovered and fell in love with, the person that held the elevator door for you, feel free to strike up a new conversation with any of them and see where it leads.

Self Healing
In order to have a mind that's as open and perceptive as possible you've got to take care of yourself first and foremost. Go to the gym. Not only does staying in shape help with alertness and focus, but you can take your mind away from the constant drone of thinking when you are working on a physical task in the moment. Get yourself away from the constant bombardment of information from your phone, the internet, and television. Take a vacation. Make sure you're gettng the sleep you need. Meditate. Let your mind find it's rest to allow creativity to flow naturally.

Worldly Views
On the otherhand, the internet is full of ideas that you can browse to your hearts content. If something catches your eye and peaks your curiosity click the link and travel along that path. Music is known to be a creative trigger, but sometimes you need new music to give you the spark that you need. Look into history and see if you can gain some ideas from there that will make a change in the now. Never stop learning from the sources that are all around you.


It's always nice to be comfortable in life, but pushing yourself that little bit can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. You don't have to do such things to change your life drastically, but it can begin to inspire those around you. And who knows? Maybe they'll end up changing the world one day.

-The Taconnet Team